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Dental implants are so natural-looking and feeling, you may forget you ever lost a tooth.


It's a very comfortable and low-invasive method which will give you amazing results.


You can recover your smile at DentiCentro; we have an specialist in every field to help you.

commited to your dental health services we provide

  • With a very comfortable and low-invasive method, which will give you amazing results in just one visit.
    Dental Whitening
    Dental Whitening
  • Dental implants are artificial titanium roots that are inserted into the jawbone at the top or at the bottom, creating a solid base to rehabilitate a lost or missing tooth.
  • One very common of those diseases is widely known as gingivitis.
  • With advanced techniques, at DentiCentro we help relieve your pain once and for all.
  • Our specialist applies the most advanced techniques for correcting wrongly-oriented teeth structures.
  • This specialty deals with reconstruction of those lost dental structures to make them functional again.
  • You can recover your smile, be it with your actual teeth for support, or with a Permanent Dental Implant.
  • When the need to relieve that pain makes the visit to the dentist necessary, at DentiCentro you will be treated promptly.

meet the Dentists of our Team of professionals

  • Dra. Fraga
    Dra. Fraga, General Dentistry
    Dentist surgeon graduated from the Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo focused on general dentistry, rehabilitation, fixed and aesthetic prosthetics.

  • Dra. Fraga Trabajando
    Dra. Fraga, General Dentistry
    Dra. Fraga Trabajando
  • Dr. Castro
    Dr. Castro, Endodontist
    Dentist surgeon graduated from University of Sinaloa, specialist in treatment of partially or totally damaged root canals, either due to deterioration or a deep lesion within the root of the tooth. Basically, he is a specialist in pulpal and periapical diseases.

  • Dr. Castro Trabajando
    Dr. Castro,Endodontist
    Dr. Castro Trabajando
  • Dra. Dominguez
    Dra. Dominguez, Orthodontist
    Dentist surgeon graduated from the Autonomous University of Mexico with a specialty in Orthodontics. On the odontologist side, she is mainly focused to correct crooked or deviated teeth, to correct bad occlusions in the oral cavity.

  • Dra. Dominguez Trabajando
    Dra. Dominguez,Orthodontist
    Dra. Dominguez Trabajando
  • Dr. Lomeli
    Dr. Lomeli, Implantologist
    Dentist surgeon graduated from the Autonomous University of Baja California oriented to dental implantology and functional dental aesthetics.

  • Dr. Lomeli Trabajando
    Dr. Lomeli,Implantologist
    Dr. Lomeli Trabajando

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